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Interview Bubblews owners!

In his recent www.bubblews.com/news/1984131-interview-bubblews article&Arvind write that he and &Jason love to answer interview questions for owners to spread the message of their brand and directions be going in.

I was just a little blogger before joining Bubblews, I posted just a few articles and photos on two blogs, one on WordPress and another on Blogspot (see the link in my profile),I’ve been in one campaign on my WordPress blog, but I can say only now,after more than one month of articles here, that I could be a real blogger,writing articles so often (for me)… 🙂

I’m not a reporter, I have maybe two questions for owners now – what are their new projects now and if/how Bubblews will be modified, I’ll start thinking new questions soon, maybe I’ll interview the owners when my blogs will have more readers…

Many people here doesn’t have a blog (someone even make me smile when she said she’s not a blogger – after months here) but I think they also have questions for owners and they not write here only for money, I’ll be glad if they write their questions here, I will share this article on Twitter where I have a few big blogger followers from my country and I hope they will spread the message of Bubblews brand too 🙂

Photo credit: to owners 😀 (photos on their profiles are public no?)